The Facts

Children get placed in foster care because they or their families are going through a crisis. Often these children have been removed from their parents because they are unsafe, abused or neglected.

Too often, children in foster care move from one home to another or live in group settings such as group homes or residential treatment centers. Frequent moves can make it hard for children to concentrate on school, build friendships and family relationships, heal from abuse, neglect and trauma, and feel secure and loved.

National Statistics 

74% of prison inmates were once in foster care.

50% of

female foster care children are pregnant

by age 19.

80% of

death row inmates are former foster care children.

50% of 

adults are incarcerated within 2 years of "aging out" of the system.

Local Statistics 

2013-2016 Confirmed Cases of Abuse.png

Confirmed Victims of Abuse and/or Neglect, Ages 0-17

Stories of Foster Care 

Royal Family Kids