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RFK Camp: Plan "LMNOP" was God's Plan A

2020 started full of enthusiasm and excitement for our new directors with their (mostly new) leadership teams. They began planning for the June and July RFK five-day camps. Then March came along with the emergency executive orders; everyone must stay home, and no large gatherings. The fundraiser was cancelled, and the camp directors and teams went into overdrive trying to plan how camp might be held. By mid-April, it was clear June camp could not happen, so it was cancelled. But other plans were being considered. By May, it was clear that the July camp could not be held. It was cancelled. The directors joined together to come up with other plans, they had to do SOMETHING for the kids.

Plans were made, then changed and changed again. By the time Plan "LMNOP" (one director always thought this was one letter) was confirmed, everyone wondered where God was leading us. Finally, it was settled that the two camps would join together to host a one-day combined Day Camp.

The directors found a wonderful facility that was already hosting day camps. They had the procedures down, and were comfortable with us being there. With a kitchen, cafeteria, a gym, and acres of green space with a playground and pavilion, we knew God had led us to the perfect place. His Plan "A"! We honed our safety procedures and guidelines, to do our best to keep kids and volunteers safe.

When the Saturday arrived, it was a God-ordained day full of what many people refer to as God winks, memories, and blessings. We were able to share God’s love with 16 beautiful children, 4 of whom experienced their very first Royal Family Kids Camp. The weather was perfect; mid 70's with a nice breeze and sunny! We never needed to go inside, except to get our food to take outside. The combined camps hosted a very full action packed, FUN day. The kids participated in many of the traditional camp highlights: They were fed 5 times (can you say BACON!); an everybody's birthday, birthday party; an obstacle course; carnival games; wood shop where they built bug boxes, with a trek through the woods to fill boxes; activities (aka crafts); and the LIT (Leader's in Training) graduation ceremony.

Camp was truly a joint effort.

Thank you to June directors Jaeshin Kim and Shaina Schuelke, and July directors Scott and Amy Burr. Thank you to all who had leadership roles, and those who served and prayed. We are inspired each year by our dedicated volunteers and the true picture camp presents of the body of Christ at work. This year was no exception.

Now it’s time to reflect and hear the stories. Like one first-time camper who was sad when he arrived and missed his family. His life had just been turned upside down. However, within an hour, he had made two friends and was happily finding bugs in the woods and enjoyed the rest of his day. Some stories may be ten years in the making, like the young woman Scott and Amy met the day before camp. She had attended RFK camp as a child. She shared her treasured memories of that experience with Scott and Amy. With God’s direction, guidance, and help we all make a difference. There is hope for a bright future for the children we serve.


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