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FHIM Teen Mentoring

Providing TRAC Campers age 13-18 with an opportunity to be mentored by a TRAC staff member throughout the school year, to build positive memories and build relationships with other campers and staff in the mentoring program.

When a teen goes through FHIM Teen Mentoring

they will build a lasting relationship with their mentor, who will seek to be a friend, encourager, a good listener and strive to build confidence and self-esteem throughout their teenage years.  Their mentor will be a safe adult in their life, whom they can learn to trust and rely on. 

Some Activities Include

Learning Life Skills

Gaga Ball

9 Square




Horse Back Riding

Outdoor Adventures

Adventure Park 

FHIM Mentoring Dates

October - May
Meets Quarterly  
Oct - Dec - March - May
Meetings held the 2nd Saturday from 2-5:00 pm
with optional gatherings held additional months.

Training Date: August 13, 2023
              e-mail Tina to confirm (

FHIM Teen Mentoring happens when Christian men and women

give of their time and talents to bless our teenagers.

To begin the process of volunteering:

Complete and submit the form below. You will be contacted shortly. (minimum age is 20 years old, some roles start at age 25).  

An initial interview to answer your questions and determine program suitability.

A complete background screening.

2 hours of additional training beyond T.R.A.C. training. Must attend T.R.A.C. camp before you can start mentoring.

Volunteer Opportunities



Mentors are paired up with a teenage mentee. Mentors spend at least 4 hours a month with their mentee outside of the FHIM Teen Mentoring program.



There are various staff roles which help put on each program. Staff members lend a hand where needed and make sure the teens receive lots of attention. 



 Administration collects, files and organizes all of the paperwork required for the FHIM Teen Mentoring program.

Meal Prep

Meal Prep


When a meal is served during the program, mentors and staff sit down with the teens and enjoy a delicious meal and catch up with the teens before starting activities.  


Plans and gathers all supplies needed for activities at any of our programs and tries to connect activities to our theme if possible. This is great for a  creative/crafty volunteer. 


More Volunteer Roles

There are many staff positions that need to be filled to make club run smoothly. Just let us know your skills and we will match you in an area that needs to be filled. 

& More

Leadership Team

John Blackson



Katy Schrieber






 Volunteer since 2014

Working with these kids is the best and hardest thing I have ever done. I watch them grow and change and know all the hard work is worth it. I have seen massive growth in several kids throughout the years and it’s is inspiring. I love serving Jesus through serving these kids and teens.

I volunteer because GOD MOVES in Fostering Hope. This ministry is a front row seat to watch God work miracles in tangible ways, see His People be the hands and feet of Jesus, watch reality and faith intersect. These kids, their experiences, and their resiliency have changed my life.


Volunteer since 2011

I volunteer as an obedience to God. It give me the opportunity to share my heart with others and be able to lift up and encourage those who need it.


Volunteer since 2009

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