Royal Family KIDS® Mentoring Club

Mentors and mentees have a special bond that was established during the week of Royal Family KIDS camp. After camp is over, that bond is carried over into a one on one mentoring relationship through Royal Family KIDS Mentoring Program.  Kids meet with mentors for a minimum of four hours per month, plus attend a monthly Mentoring Club meeting. 


Studies have shown that having at least one caring adult in a child’s life can make a huge difference in the life of that child. We encourage the building of community for the kids, through the monthly club meetings. Club is a place where the kids can reconnect with kids and staff they met at camp, build friendships and a sense of belonging. Our mentors spend a minimum of four additional hours per month with their mentee, building friendship, trust and positive memories. The Mentoring Club runs from September through May. 

When a kid goes to Royal Family KIDS Mentoring Club

they will build a lasting relationship with their mentor, who will seek to be a friend, encourager, a good listener and strive to build confidence and self-esteem in their mentee. Their mentor will be a safe adult in their life, whom they can learn to trust and rely on. 


At the monthly club meeting we strive to build a sense of community among the kids and adults in the Mentoring Club. We also desire to build leadership skills in non-threatening ways. The kids are invited to perform the puppet shows, act out Bible stories, work with the tech team and be a leader during games and activities, all skills that build confidence they can take into other aspects of their lives.

Some Activities Include





Bible Story


Memory Verses

Group Outings

Leadership Skills

Mentoring Club Dates

September - May
3rd Saturday of the month

Royal Family KIDS happens when Christian men and women give of

their time and talents to bless our children and youth.  To be a mentor you must be at least 18 years old and attended camp.  Club staff must be at least 16 years old to volunteer.

To begin the process of volunteering start here:

Fill out the request information form, below.  

An initial interview to answer your questions and determine program suitability.  An application will be sent to you via email if after this interview.

A complete background screening is required, if you have not attended the current year's camp.

12 hours of training (provided by the local RFK Staff).

To volunteer as a mentor, you need to have gone through the camp training AND attended an RFK camp.  As a mentor you are committing to meet with a child for a minimum of 4 hours per month, September through May.  In addition to the mentoring time, you are agreeing to attend the monthly club meetings with your mentee.  These meetings take place on the third Saturday of the month. 

To volunteer as staff, it is not required that you have attended camp.  If you have not attended camp, there will be a background check and an interview required before being accepted on as staff.  There are many areas to volunteer: activities, games, preparing breakfasts and some lunches, worship leader, tech, Bible story leader, special event planner and club buddy.  All are needed to make the club run smoothly.  Staff are asked to commit the entire morning of the third Saturday of each month, September to May, to attend the club meetings.

Mentors and staff need to attend additional training apart from camp training.  7 hours for those new to Mentoring Club or 5 hours for returning Mentoring Club staff and mentors.

Volunteer Opportunities


Mentors are paired up with a mentee in the RFK program. Mentors spend at least 4 hours a month with their mentee in addition to the monthly club meeting.


Club Buddy

Club buddies hangout with the kids during club and make sure the kids get plenty of attention. Club buddies participate in activities and games with the kids.

Club Buddy

Bible Story

Each club meeting has a theme and a Bible story to go with it. The Bible Story Leader reads the story and has kids participate as characters from the story. 

Bible Story

Meal Prep


A hot breakfast is served at each club meeting.  Many of our kids do not get breakfast before coming to club.  Upon arriving they sit with mentors and staff to have a delicious meal and to catch up on life, prior to the start of club. 

Meal Prep


Each club, the activity leader brings a craft for the kids to make and take home. The crafts usually go along with the monthly theme or the holidays. 


More Volunteer Roles

There are many staff positions that need to be filled to make club run smoothly. Just let us know your skills and we will match you in an area that needs to be filled. Some include:
Music, Administration Support & 
Tech Team

& More

Want to Volunteer? Fill out the form below, and we will contact you.

Leadership Team

Kyle & Heather Haremski



Terri Forster

Club Coordinator




 Volunteer since 2010

I love working with the Mentoring Club. While teaching the Bible story, playing games or doing activities, I see the kids making friends, building confidence and just having fun.


Volunteer since 2013

If you want to make the world a better place start at home. There are many who need our love and support right here in mid-Michigan and the Fostering Hope organization puts you directly in contact with them. I volunteer to share the love of Jesus with those who may not otherwise feel it.

My current club mentee has had struggles and has been very angry in the past, not being able to deal with it. As he has grown, he can now work out when things get tough for him. I’m so proud of how he’s grown into a tremendous young man. He gives me inspiration an encouragement to know how our kids’ lives can change through our programs, all kids are worthy of all we can do for them.


Volunteer since 2009