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Teen Reach Adventure camp™

The primary purpose of Teen Reach Adventure Camp (TRAC) is to improve and enhance the lives of at-risk youth age 13-17, now and in the future, by helping them to develop teamwork skills, trust, self-value and respect for others. 

When a teenager goes to Teen Reach Adventure Camp 

it changes the statistics of foster youth by offering an amazing adventure camp that is not just fun, but life altering. The T.R.A.C. model offers RFK graduates and other teens in foster care, a camp that is designed to focus on building trust, teamwork skills, work ethic and self-value. 

Some Activities Include

Disc Golf

Zip Line

Climbing Wall

Camp Fire


Low Ropes Course



Shooting Sports

Camp Dates

June 22-25, 2023

Girls Trac camp
July 6-9, 2023 

TRAC happens when Christian men and women give of
their time and talents to bless our youth.
To volunteer you must be at least 20 years old, some roles start at age 25.
To begin the process of volunteering start here:

Fill out and submit the volunteer form below.  A director will contact you after receiving your form.

An initial interview to answer your questions and determine program suitability.

A complete background screening.

8 hours of training for new volunteers in addition to  TRAC Camp training.

Volunteer Opportunities


The camp counselor is at least 20 years of age and is gifted in listening and encouraging. They meet campers needs, are a good listener when campers want to talk and keep a positive mental attitude (PMA).


Music Director

The music director is at least 20 years old and gifted in leading music, fun and leading a small group. They prepare song booklets, lead sing-alongs and coordinate equipment needs for camp.

Music Director


The photographer is at least 20 years old and gifted in the skill and creativity of photography and organizing pictures that respect the confidentiality of our campers. They take multiple photos of each camper and create a slideshow.


Activity Center

The activity center director is at least 25 years old and gifted in service, flexibility, creativity, and organization. They think of interesting and creative activities that emphasize and encourage campers to do their best.

Activity Center

Prayer Coordinator

The prayer coordinator is at least 25 years old and is gifted in recruiting and organization. They organize a list of prayer partners to pray for all staff, counselors, and campers, pass out prayer partner cards and make sure thank you notes are written and sent.

Prayer Coordinator

More Volunteer Roles

It takes a lot of volunteers to host a successful TRAC Camp. Other positions include:

Nurse, Camp Grandparents

Camp Aunt/Uncle, Child Placement Coordinator

Social Worker, Facilities Coordinator, and Challenge Course Facilitator. 

& More

Leadership Team

John Blackson



Katy Schriber




 Volunteer since 2010

God has given me the life gift of wanting to help kids.  My prayer is  that God uses me to enlighten young people who may be lacking hope and/or direction in their life. Through love and understanding, volunteers can mentor struggling kids going through life's storms and hopefully assist them in realizing their true potential in this world.

When I look at young kids, I see the beauty and hope that God has put into their lives. Experiences during camps and mentoring clubs give me joy in capturing precious moments on camera that all of us are creating. Every kid needs positive experiences with great people around.

I can say without a doubt, I can't see myself not being a part of this wonderful organization the rest of my life. I was a little anxious the first year I volunteered.  At the end of it I was crying, not because I didn't love my experience, rather it was an experience I wasn't expecting. these kids come from hard places, but the love they show you is amazing.


Volunteer since 2012


Volunteer since 2016

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